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Fun iPhone Apps for Fitness Instructors and Trainers

There are loads of health and fitness apps for your mobile device. Calorie counters, workout trackers and routine builders galore. Here are a few more that might make your job a little easier!

For Class or Training Sessions

iNterval Tunes by James A. Brannan – $1.99

If you teach interval classes, you know how hard it is to watch the clock and switch up your music tempos. This handy app allows you to customize an entire interval workout to your own itunes music. You can add intervals (warm up, work, rest, cool down) in any order in intervals of up to one hour. You can choose individual songs for each interval or you can apply an entire itunes playlist. iNterval tunes announces each interval’s duration and intensity, and it gives you countdown warnings to change. How easy is that!

Ambiance by Matt Coneybeare – $.99

A yoga teacher’s dream, this app generates ambient noise to your specifications. There are more than 500 sounds that you can mix to create a playlist of soothing sounds.

To Motivate

Help Me Do by Mobidea – $1.99

Help your clients set a goal each week. After creating a target behavior and due date, you add motivators: treats, forfeits, emails and bets. Most interesting are the email motivators (to create positive peer pressure) and the bets. You could make a friendly wager with your client that if they work out 3x that week that you’ll drop and give them 20 at your next appointment!

BeGOOD! by Cloudlark, LLC – $1.99 & iReward Chart by Gotclues, Inc – $4.99

These apps are actually designed for parents to use with their children, but they are very attractive and fun. Clients can set a goal and mark their daily behaviors with a star chart. Simple, yet effective!

Other interesting apps:

MusicID with Lyrics by Gravity Mobile – $2.99

Have you ever heard a song on the radio or at a club and wondered what the title is? With this app, your mobile device will identify audible music and display the song name, lyrics, artist biographies and related YouTube videos.

Be Happy Now by Mental Workout LLC – $2.99

These guided meditations are great for trainer and client alike. There are meditations for cultivating compassion, gratitude and inner peace. The mindfulness meditations help release negative emotions. In addition to the longer meditations, there are brief ones for what the author calls a “hit” of happiness when you feel down.

Whole Foods Market Recipes by Whole Foods Market, Inc – FREE

If you are a Whole Foods fan, you’ll love this app. There are recipes for all kinds of special diets: dairy free, fat free, gluten free, high fiber and more. Search for recipes or input the ingredients you have on hand. Of course, it may recommend that you run right out to Whole Foods for an ingredient that you don’t have…but there’s an app that can take care of that—Smart Chef Substitutions by Rantek, Inc for $1.99 will help you find an alternative in seconds!

Happy apping!