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QR Codes to Increase Sales, Drive Traffic and Engage Your Existing & Future Clients

Quick Response (QR) codes have been around for many years as a form of mobile tagging. Chances are you have encountered QR codes on boarding passes or UPS shipping labels. These black and white mosaics have incredible marketing potential, too—scanning a QR code image can connect the viewer with a Web site, lead to a YouTube video, create a Vcard, place a phone call or send a text message or e-mail. It is a great way to connect your print and online communications media.

QR code for YouTube with captionAnyone with a phone that has a built-in camera and the ability to download applications can utilize this technology. Some of the newer smartphones have a scanning application pre-installed, but plenty of readers, such as QuickMark, Kaywa, NeoReader, ScanLife, and Zxing, are available for download
and support a wide range of mobile devices. Best of all, some
of them are free!

A recent Nielsen survey estimated that 1 in 2 Americans
expect to purchase a smartphone by Christmas 2011.
Compare that to the summer of 2008 when just one in 10 had a smartphone. The takeaway here is that QR technology will soon be at the fingertips of the masses.

It is also easy to generate QR codes, with or without a smartphone. Many QR reader applications also have a feature to generate code, and there are several free generators online, including Kerem Erkan, BeQRious, QuickMark, Kaywa and Zxing.

So what is the future for QR codes? Will they be a marketing fixture or fad? Nobody can say for certain, but they have been utilized in Japan and Europe for many years to engage consumers. Given the strength of the U.S. smartphone market, one would expect this method of marketing to catch on in a fairly significant way.

How can you utilize QR codes to better engage your audience and stand apart from your competitors? Check out these ideas, and let us know what you’re doing with QR codes!

Richard Simmons: Still Going Strong!

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Richard Simmons is back, at least in my book. Actually, I don’t think he ever left.

For those of you who don’t remember, Richard Simmons was the underdog of the 80s gym scene. In a field cluttered with skinny, leggy and oh-so-chic aerobics divas, Richard made his mark by sidestepping the fabulously fit “it” crowd. Richard’s videos featured real people, of all ages and body types, and he made a point of listening empathetically to their struggles with fitness and weight loss.

Gag me with a spoon, you might say. But after meeting Richard at Club Industry last week in Chicago, I can tell you he genuinely loves people. He loves moving and having fun, and he is passionate about helping others become more active. His advice to fitness professionals is very simple, and he shared the following tips for successfully attracting people to our clubs and classes:

  1. Know no strangers.
  2. Treat people like a million dollars.

Amen to that!


For more highlights of Richard Simmons’ keynote address, check out the following links:

On YouTube: Dancing in the Streets with Lord Gaga. This video is classic Richard. . . with a few surprises

On YouTube: Right Said Richard. Footage of Richard as you’ve never seen him before!

Club Industry’s feature article about Richard’s keynote address.