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Core Stabilization for Your Social Media Marketing Plan

I’ve spent much of the last year in social media seminars, both as a presenter and a participant, and the sheer volume of information never ceases to amaze me. Though the tools and trends continue to evolve, there are some basic, evergreen points that come up time and again. They remind me of core stabilization exercises, only they are for your social media marketing plan.

  1. Despite all of the hardware between us, social media involves two-way conversations between humans. Be friendly. Ask questions. Share useful information. Have integrity. Focus on building relationships, and the ROI will follow.
  2. Social media is in its infancy. What everyone is “sure of” today could change tomorrow. Be open to new ideas and learn from the experiences of others while staying true to what makes sense for you and/or your company.
  3. Social media is a lot like exercise. A long-term goal of regular activity will be more effective than sporadic bouts. Having a plan will help you stay focused on the goals you want to achieve.

Whether you currently use social media for marketing or plan to in the future, it is a good idea to think through some basic questions to see if your planned activities are in alignment with your goals. My next Step-by-Step article in Club Industry walks readers through some important points to consider when crafting a social media strategy. Once it is published, I’ll link to it here.
What kinds of things do you think should be on that list?

Slideshare presentations from my IHRSA30 session on Social Media: