IHRSA 2012 Trade Show – Rumble Roller


If you’re looking for serious myofascial release, you will love the RumbleRoller. Its textured surface with asymmetrical “thumb-like” ridges provides far greater pressure and penetration into soft tissue than smooth foam rollers. Spaced less than 2” apart, the nubs are firm yet pliable, and they will yield to contact with your spine or other bony protrusions. The RumbleRoller comes in two sizes and densities. There is a full-size version (6” diameter x 31”) and a compact version (5” diameter x 12”). The blue roller is the original density (which is already quite firm), and the black roller is 36% firmer than the blue. The direction you roll will also affect the intensity of the massage. In traditional rolling exercises, the ridges will flex easily. However, if you rock side to side, towards the roller ends, you are working in a direction where the ridges have less “give”, which results in deeper pressure. That’s just how they roll!

Tomorrow we’ll spring over to SPRI!