IHRSA 2012 Trade Show – JumpSport

There is likely no other company that is as passionate about trampolines as JumpSport. In the 1990s, company founder Mark Publicover was the first to invent and mass market a safety enclosure for backyard trampolines. Since then, the company has expanded, and today it offers a selection of fitness trampolines and accessories. A lot of research went into the design and safety features of their mini-trampolines, and a quick look at the product reveals some significant differences from other models on the market. First, there are no springs. The Fitness Trampolines use special elastic cords developed by JumpSport that result in a smooth, soft and nearly silent bounce. It is easy to change the surface tension by adjusting the knot placement on the underside of the trampoline. One of the greatest things about this unit is that it will not tip over—you can do pushups off one side and the unit stays firmly on the ground. There are plenty of accessories to adapt the trampoline for use with different populations and to create a wide range of exercises. Attaching the Plyofit Adapter allows you to switch from jumping to target rebounding at a variety of angles. The trainer also showed me how to do assisted squats from the angled position. There is an optional handle attachment for increased user stability and safety. The trampolines stack easily, so there is a small footprint if stored in a club setting. One of the models even folds up and has a carrying case if your club takes training on the road.

Tomorrow we’ll take a look at the M-Core FTS!