IHRSA 2012 Trade Show – Hyper Wear

You’ve heard of the overload principle, right? Well, it doesn’t get much easier than slipping on the Hyper Vest Pro by Hyper Wear. You zip in and out of the vest, and there is lacing up the sides, allowing you to adjust to the exact fit you need. The weight plates, which weigh 1/7 – 1/8 lb each, slide into pockets on the chest and back panels. The vest stretches horizontally across the body for a close fit, but it does not restrict motion in any direction. The arm holes are cut generously, so there is no chafing, and the open sides allow for maximum comfort and range of motion. Most of the vest sizes come pre-loaded at 10 pounds, and you can add or subtract additional weight. Vest size determines the absolute weight capacity, but the range is between 8 and 60 lbs, based on the number of available pockets. Note: It is recommended that users add no more than 4 – 6% of their body weight for agility exercises, 6 – 8% for speed training, and 2 – 10% for endurance training, depending on the activity.

Tomorrow we’ll check out some Innovative Xercise Solutions!