IHRSA 2012 Trade Show – Halo Trainer


The Halo Trainer is a set of ergonomically designed handlebars that can be used either freestanding or with popular training equipment, such as the stability ball, the BOSU or TRX. To date, most of the attention for the Halo Trainer has centered on its pairing with the stability ball. Placed in a “handles down” position under the ball, it essentially parks the ball, providing a higher degree of safety and peace of mind for the rehab client, aging populations or individuals new to exercise. Placed in a “handles up” position on top of the ball, the Halo Trainer can assist the user in transitioning from seated to standing positions. In addition to rehabilitation applications and exercise modifications, the Halo Trainer can help you kick your workouts up a notch. Imagine doing pushups or planks in the “handles up” position on the ball while keeping your wrists in a neutral position. Now imagine turning the Halo Trainer into a “V” position on the floor and using with your feet strapped into a suspension trainer to do suspended pikes. The possibilities are endless!

Hyper Wear vests are tomorrow’s hot topic!