IHRSA 2012 Trade Show – Perform Better III


Also new to Perform Better’s line of accessories is the Reebok Easy Tone Step. Group fitness guru Gay Gasper is leading the product launch and hopes to bring more functional training to group fitness. The 25.6”L x 16”W platform sits atop two cushioned chambers, or “pods”, that dictate the stability of the apparatus. The pods are located at either end of the platform, and there is a switch between them that controls airflow. It can be set in a locked position to equalize the pods and create greater stability, or it can remain unlocked and set to varying degrees of airflow to create instability. The platform is reversible and can be used with pods in the upward or downward facing position.

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IHRSA 2012 Trade Show – Perform Better II

What’s new: The new Move Strong Quad Model FTS is twice as big as last year’s Club Model, and promotional materials report that it can accommodate 20+ users at one time. With a huge assortment of features, including rope anchors, band attachments, ground rotational trainers, grid board, sliding pull-up system, ball targets and unique grip positions and rings, the unit is customizable and is also available for outdoor use.

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IHRSA 2012 Trade Show – Perform Better


What’s hot: ViPR packs and sandbags are very popular this year, according to Jacob Guajardo, one of Perform Better’s sales reps. These versatile tools make it easy for trainers to blend dynamic lifting, twisting, dragging, flipping, throwing and rolling motions to enhance their clients’ strength, conditioning and movement training.

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IHRSA 2012 Trade Show – M-Core FTS

Calling the M-Core FTS an “adjustable bench” does not really do this piece justice. It is a multi-purpose training station that adjusts to fit the athlete, as opposed to the athlete having to conform to a bench’s settings. The unit adjusts both horizontally and vertically and can be placed at 90, 45, and 30 degrees. There is a standard version with height adjustments of 20” to 27”, and a tall version that adjusts 26” to 33”. By design, there is a 20” x 12” seat as opposed to a full-length bench, which requires more core activation to maintain the working position. There are four band attachments at the base, which is in an “X” design for increased stability and support. The small footprint makes it good for studios where space is at a premium.

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IHRSA 2012 Trade Show – JumpSport

There is likely no other company that is as passionate about trampolines as JumpSport. In the 1990s, company founder Mark Publicover was the first to invent and mass market a safety enclosure for backyard trampolines. Since then, the company has expanded, and today it offers a selection of fitness trampolines and accessories. A lot of research went into the design and safety features of their mini-trampolines, and a quick look at the product reveals some significant differences from other models on the market. First, there are no springs. The Fitness Trampolines use special elastic cords developed by JumpSport that result in a smooth, soft and nearly silent bounce. It is easy to change the surface tension by adjusting the knot placement on the underside of the trampoline. One of the greatest things about this unit is that it will not tip over—you can do pushups off one side and the unit stays firmly on the ground. There are plenty of accessories to adapt the trampoline for use with different populations and to create a wide range of exercises. Attaching the Plyofit Adapter allows you to switch from jumping to target rebounding at a variety of angles. The trainer also showed me how to do assisted squats from the angled position. There is an optional handle attachment for increased user stability and safety. The trampolines stack easily, so there is a small footprint if stored in a club setting. One of the models even folds up and has a carrying case if your club takes training on the road.

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IHRSA 2012 Trade Show – Jumprope.com

Speed ropes, beaded ropes, cloth ropes—you can find whatever kind of rope you need at Jumprope.com. Their fitness and conditioning ropes, which are 30% heavier than the standard speed rope, are popular for club use. It is even possible to imprint your club information on speed-style ropes and/or produce custom colored ropes.

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IHRSA 2012 Trade Show – Innovative Xercise Solutions

The Fluid Core Bar by Innovative Xercise Solutions is one of those “why didn’t someone think of this before?” type of products. Similar in appearance to a traditional exercise bar, it offers a great deal more in terms of challenging balance and stability. The core of the bar is hollow, and there are steel balls inside that will shift when the bar moves. The user must work not only to lift and lower the bar, but to keep it balanced and stable. The full-length bars come in 10, 15 and 20 pound weights, and there is a “mini” bar that weighs 5 pounds. This would be a great training tool for aging populations or those new to exercise.

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IHRSA 2012 Trade Show – Hyper Wear

You’ve heard of the overload principle, right? Well, it doesn’t get much easier than slipping on the Hyper Vest Pro by Hyper Wear. You zip in and out of the vest, and there is lacing up the sides, allowing you to adjust to the exact fit you need. The weight plates, which weigh 1/7 – 1/8 lb each, slide into pockets on the chest and back panels. The vest stretches horizontally across the body for a close fit, but it does not restrict motion in any direction. The arm holes are cut generously, so there is no chafing, and the open sides allow for maximum comfort and range of motion. Most of the vest sizes come pre-loaded at 10 pounds, and you can add or subtract additional weight. Vest size determines the absolute weight capacity, but the range is between 8 and 60 lbs, based on the number of available pockets. Note: It is recommended that users add no more than 4 – 6% of their body weight for agility exercises, 6 – 8% for speed training, and 2 – 10% for endurance training, depending on the activity.

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IHRSA 2012 Trade Show – Halo Trainer


The Halo Trainer is a set of ergonomically designed handlebars that can be used either freestanding or with popular training equipment, such as the stability ball, the BOSU or TRX. To date, most of the attention for the Halo Trainer has centered on its pairing with the stability ball. Placed in a “handles down” position under the ball, it essentially parks the ball, providing a higher degree of safety and peace of mind for the rehab client, aging populations or individuals new to exercise. Placed in a “handles up” position on top of the ball, the Halo Trainer can assist the user in transitioning from seated to standing positions. In addition to rehabilitation applications and exercise modifications, the Halo Trainer can help you kick your workouts up a notch. Imagine doing pushups or planks in the “handles up” position on the ball while keeping your wrists in a neutral position. Now imagine turning the Halo Trainer into a “V” position on the floor and using with your feet strapped into a suspension trainer to do suspended pikes. The possibilities are endless!

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IHRSA 2012 Trade Show – Gopher Performance


What’s new at Gopher: The Evolution Medicine Balls range from 4 pounds to 20 pounds and have a 14” uniform diameter, regardless of weight. The cushioned cover has raised panels for an easy grip.


What’s hot: The XLR8 Strength Bags are flying off Gopher’s shelves, according to the sales rep. These pre-filled sandbags have four handles for multiple grips and exercise variations. They come in 11 lb, 22 lb, 33 lb, 44 lb and 65 lb sizes.

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